Agile Physical Therapy
Private physical therapy clinic
Palo Alto, CA
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Meeting with Chris Reed, a Clinic Director at Agile.
Agile is a private physical therapy clinic specializing in rehabilitation for sports-related injuries. Since it opened in 2002, Agile focuses on 1:1 personalized care, and the company now has both community-based and contract-based therapy services. We met with Chris Reed, a board-certified physical therapist and the Clinical Director of the Agile’s locations.
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Software used
Billing and insurance payments
The clinic has used Medisoft for nearly a decade to manage billing and insurance payments. They once tried out a similar offering from WebPT, but “it was a disaster” because it wasn’t optimized for an out-of-network clinic.
Electronic medical records
Agile uses WebPT to schedule appointments and track patient info. Therapists take notes and document patient progress, as required by HIPAA regulations. According to Reed, WebPT was made “by PTs for PTs” and is optimized for therapist-facing tools. However, Reed said that the business management reports and patient account tracking tools could use improvement. He talked about missing features like the ability to accurately track cancellations, capacity, and visit counts on a regular basis. Bidirectional integration with FOTO and Medisoft would also reduce the amount of double- or triple-entry done by the operations team.
Outcome measurement tool
FOTO uses before and after surveys to measure patient progress and benchmark against national standards (normalized for patient demographics and condition). Each therapist gets a national rating based on their patients’ results.
Marketing and Customer Engagement
StriveHub manages Agile’s patient satisfaction surveys and re-engagement campaigns. Agile plans to experiment with birthday check-ins and follow-up reminders to boost retention.
MedBridge Education
Professional Development / Continued education
Using the MedBridge Education web platform, therapists can create online home exercise programs for their patients and take continued education courses online. Reed said the corporate subscription is more cost-effective than sponsoring local professional development classes.
(Considering) Bluejay
Treatment / Telemedicine
Agile is exploring how telemedicine might help therapists treat more patients and recapture down time. They may use BlueJay’s Virtual Visits feature to enable remote appointments.
Patients use the Clover point-of-sales systems to pay per session at the Agile front desk.
Intuit Quickbooks
Expenses and revenue are recorded in house and audited by an outsourced accountant.
What are some of the main problems and challenges that you face?

Customer retention: Agile leverages 1:1 relationships between therapists and clients to retain and acquire patients. With their current manual tracking systems, Reed says that managers don’t have much visibility into the customer funnel, so it’s hard to prioritize opportunities to acquire and re-engage patients.

Managing staffing: With 12 locations across 3 distinct sites, Agile managers don’t have much visibility into per-clinic demand outside of their primary clinic responsibilities, which makes analysis of how staffing distribution and hiring might affect revenue difficult. Reed said that Agile managers don't have good metrics to help predict when an alteration in staff is needed, making it difficult to optimize operations.

Maintaining partner contracts: A large fraction of Agile's business comes from providing services to corporate partners. Reed works to maintain the contracts and provide valuable services that are tailored to the needs of the employees.

How do you discover new software to use at your clinic?

Physical therapy publications: Reed reads reviews and sees ads for new software in industry-specific publications that the clinic subscribes to.

Conversations with other clinic owners: Reed said that through his network he can often discover the industry leading software to try or use.

Industry conferences: Demos new tech and talks to up-and-coming startups at physical therapy and sports medicine conferences.

What factors into your decisions for what software to choose?

Compliance: Because the industry has strict patient regulations, software should have a track record of compliance. Reed said that the company had originally used software developed in-house, but switched to WebPT to ensure compliance with new regulations.

Features: Reed cited specific features, like the usability of documentation for therapists and the quality of reporting tools, as key factors when comparing offerings. When considering software options, the Agile management team tests the software extensively to decide which is the best fit for Agile.


Physical therapy is a business that helps many people in a very real way. Because treatment takes place over longer periods of time, helping both patients and providers manage their data seems like a promising area where software can make an impact. Some ideas that we had include:

Customer funnel: A tool to visualize the company’s data on calls, appointments, cancellations, and total patient volume across their locations. At Agile, this process is managed manually in Google Sheets, and Reed said the data is inaccurate and difficult to synthesize. This data could give the operations team valuable insight into how to improve customer acquisition and retention strategies.

Wellness screening: A holistic wellness screening tool that used accurate motion tracking to automatically score patients’ conditions, identify weaknesses, and suggest treatment regimes. Reed said they had started developing this tool using Kinect technology, but found that it wasn't precise enough to capture patient’s motor skills.

Mobile documentation tools: Agile therapists take notes in WebPT on their laptops either during or after therapy sessions. While visiting the clinic, we saw therapists balancing their large and heavy laptops while working with patients. It seems that mobile documentation tools would better support the hands-on workflow for therapists.